Our hope is to provide our clients with experienced insight and sound judgment regarding U.S. law and regulatory policy development, to insure their ability to advance their interests consistent with U.S. law and policy. With long standing relationships on Capitol Hill, Hager Associates can give organizations with global interests an edge by providing a tailored Washington strategy and current analysis of policies that impact the global economy.

Congressional Procedure and Politics

Congressional procedures and politics can be opaque. For clients who need assistance in deciphering the legislative process: understanding how authorizations and appropriations interact, what the leadership powers are and the internal politics of the House and Senate, we can provide experience-based insights into the prospects for legislative outcomes.


International Finance, Sovereign Debt and Capital Flows

Beginning with the Latin American sovereign debt crisis that began in the early 1980’s and threatened multiple major U.S. banks, we have observed and made recommendations about how to deal with the recurring problem of sovereign debt. As a Congressional counsel, Hager authored a provision in the 1988 Omnibus Trade bill that authorized a sovereign bankruptcy court. He has continued to study, write and advise clients who have interests affected by sovereign debt crises such as the current Greek and European situation.


U.S. Foreign Policy and Foreign Aid

The firm provides analysis of developments in U.S. foreign policy and foreign aid policy, particularly focusing on innovations in the structure of our foreign aid programs, such as the creation of entities like the MCC; changes in the primary focus of our foreign aid, such as the current expanded focus on food security; and on the regulatory requirements applicable to the wide range of non-government organizations that partner with the U.S.G. to deliver foreign aid. We have expertise in the foreign aid policies not only of the United States but of other major and emerging ODA donors, such as Britain and Japan, and Australia and Korea. Our assistance can be helpful to NGO’s and others seeking to understand the aid policies and regulatory requirements of major official donors.


Energy and Environment Policy

Energy and environment policy are closely intertwined, since a major contributor to environmental harm comes from the production and generation of energy that is necessary for economic growth and rising living standards. The firm has particular expertise in the state of the nuclear power industry in the United States, Japan and France, historically the most highly developed nuclear industries. We also can provide insight into related policies concerning other renewable energy sources, financing of the energy sector and environmental law developments.


Transportation Policy

Globally there has been a steady movement in recent years toward extensive high-speed rail networks to supplement if not replace highways and aviation for mid-distance travel. To date, the U.S. has lagged behind other countries in high-speed rail development, but there is a robust debate about that. Our firm follows these rail policy questions and can provide guidance to clients with a financial or other interest in rail and high-speed rail.